Haley Justus for Shani Studios Photographs Lead Photographer Katie Krutzner

Katie Krutzner

Owner & Lead Photographer

Photographic Anthropologist

A Historian . An Artist . A Writer

Simply…Katie Krutzner is passionate about people. It’s what she appreciates about them and what motivates her in each session. She enjoys getting to know her clients and turning their photos into art forms. “It’s about capturing the true essence of my subjects.” Often, it’s the way that she manipulates the light to seize a special moment.


For as long as she can remember, Katie has been into cameras and all of their unique aspects. It feels natural; a part of her. Photography keeps life exciting and interactive.


The beauty of love enticed Katie to be a wedding photographer. She is careful to capture each special moment without becoming a part of the wedding. Katie wants to make sure that she gets those magical times of the wedding without the couple feeling suffocated by their photographer.


Her appreciation for the mysteries of the deep drew Katie to her signature work; underwater photography. Katie works with her clients in private pools creating masterpiece portraits that her clients would appreciate hanging in their homes. In addition, she thoughtfully shoots engagement sessions, family, maternity, newborn photography, children, and an amazing assortment of pets. (They are family too!)


Katie graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, CA., where she learned to see the light. She is also a proud winner of an NCPP People’s Choice Award.


Katie enjoys the sport of hiking with her fiancée and her other companions, her Alaskan Malamute-Timberwolf mixes. Katie enjoys party-planning, ocean salmon fishing, genealogy, meditation and music. She supports Order of Malta; Growing the Faith, for their dedication to underprivileged children. She also participates in Help-Portrait bringing professional photographs to low income families during the holidays.


“Photography for me is about the journey of growth.” Katie’s passion to work in the field of genealogy brings immense pleasure visiting the past to view what and who we become today.